‘I will run it as I want’ – new Ferrari F1 team boss puts foot down

Fred Vasseur, Ferrari’s newly appointed team principal, has made it clear that he will be in charge of the Scuderia’s Formula 1 team.

Vasseur, who previously held positions at Alfa Romeo and Sauber, took over the role on 9 January, succeeding Mattia Binotto.

There had been speculation that Vasseur would not have complete control over the team and that chairman John Elkann and CEO Benedetto Vigna would play a larger role in the day-to-day management of the Maranello outfit.

However, in an interview with selected media, Vasseur stated: “The Gestione Sportiva, the team, is part of the bigger organisation of Ferrari. I have a CEO, and it’s Benedetto Vigna, and I have a chairman [Elkann] for the company, and the situation is crystal clear.

“But even at Sauber, I had to report to the chairman of the group. You have always a boss. It’s not a new situation for me. Now I am running the team, I have the delegation to do it, and I will run it as I want.”

Vasseur also confirmed that he is working closely with Vigna to ensure a smoother operation compared to the past. “At the end of the day, what I have found is that I have a very direct relationship with Benedetto,” Vasseur said.

“We have dinner two or three times a week, and then [we are] on the phone every single day.”


Source: news24.com

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