Renato Sanches Joins AS Roma: Embracing Mourinho’s Guidance and a New Chapter in Serie A

By Score More

Renato Sanches is set to embark on a new chapter with AS Roma, as the midfielder charts his course under the mentorship of José Mourinho in Serie A. This marks his inaugural experience in the league, facilitated by the Portuguese coach who paved the way for his move to the Italian club. Undoubtedly, this aspect played a pivotal role in shaping the 25-year-old midfielder’s decision. Furthermore, the proposition put forth by another Portuguese figure, Tiago Pinto, Roma’s sporting director, further influenced his choice.

“I engaged in discussions with both the coach and the sporting director, and I find this project to be genuinely captivating. I firmly believe it holds immense potential, benefiting both my personal journey and the club’s ambitions… I’ve shared a longstanding acquaintance with Tiago [Pinto], tracing back to our days at Benfica. Our connection has endured, fostering a lasting friendship. As I previously mentioned, the move to Roma emerges as a momentous opportunity. Our conversations reinforced this notion, and I reiterate that this project exudes a strong allure. Consequently, I made the decision to join, as I perceive it to be the opportune juncture. I also had the privilege of conversing with Mourinho; our dialogue transpired over the phone before finalizing the agreement. Sharing Portuguese roots with him, he stands as an exemplar for all aspiring young players, given his remarkable achievements. I believe any player would aspire to be mentored by Mourinho, and when an esteemed figure like him entrusts you, it serves to heighten one’s motivation,” Renato Sanches elucidated. He is set to reunite with another compatriot within the squad, goalkeeper Rui Patrício.

“Rui Patrício is my fellow national team member. We have previously collaborated on the field, and I consider it invaluable to have fellow countrymen who can provide guidance, offer insights into the club’s dynamics, and offer counsel on one’s on-field approach.”

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