New York Warriors: Pakistani Entrepreneur’s Vision to Ignite Cricket Euphoria in the US Masters T10 League

Kamran Awan, a Pakistani entrepreneur based in the United States and co-owner of the New York Warriors cricket team, has expressed that his involvement in the T10 Cricket Team, competing for the inaugural US Masters T10 Cricket title on the occasion of Pakistan’s 76th Independence Day, is a remarkable gift to his homeland. Awan, who left Pakistan for better opportunities years ago, still holds a deep affection for his country. He views the US Masters T10 Cricket as a platform to ignite cricket enthusiasm in both the US and Pakistan.

Awan considers this endeavor a pinnacle in his life, highlighting his confidence in the New York Warriors’ ability to clinch the championship at Broward County Stadium, Florida, commencing on August 18, 2023. His significant investment in the UST10 underlines his belief in the global allure of this distinctive cricket format.

The New York Warriors, the sole team in the US Masters T10 League owned by a Pakistani, symbolizes Awan’s dedication to nurturing cricket in the United States. With his partners Husnain Bajwa, Preet Kamal, and Gurmeet Singh by his side, the Pakistani-American entrepreneur is resolute in his belief that the New York Warriors possess the strength to secure victory. Notably, the team boasts an impressive lineup, including three former Pakistani captains: Misbah ul Haq, Shahid Afridi, and Kamran Akmal. Other renowned international players like Muhammad Razzaque and Sohail Khan also adorn the squad.

Among the six participating teams – New York Warriors, Atlanta Fire, California Knights, Texas Chargers, NJ Legends, and Morrisville Unity – the US Masters T10 League will culminate on August 28, 2023.

Fueled by his passionate love for cricket, Kamran Awan is devoted to introducing the sport to a wider audience in the United States, aiming to establish it as a recognized and celebrated game. His acquisition of the New York Warriors not only showcases his astute business acumen but also mirrors his aspiration to bridge cultures and foster unity through sports. Beyond cricket, Awan’s entrepreneurial spirit has propelled him to diversify successfully from property management to hospitality. Currently, he owns six flourishing hotels that have become integral to the communities they serve.

Kamran envisions immense potential for cricket in the American sports landscape. He is determined to cultivate local talent, offering aspiring players the chance to shine on a global platform. As the New York Warriors cricket franchise prepares to make its debut, Kamran’s fervor for the game and his entrepreneurial vigor are bound to extend well beyond the confines of the United States.

Source: dailytimes

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