Serie A: Udinese-Juventus 0-3

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Juventus had an effortless start to their championship campaign in Udine, clinching a decisive victory. This affirms what had already been evident during the pre-season – that this is a different Juventus side: more assured, proactive, and embodying a multitude of qualities. The match in Friuli concluded 0-3 in favor of Juventus, with goals from Chiesa, Vlahovic, and Rabiot.

The first half showcased Juventus’ prowess, resulting in a trio of goals. Chiesa’s desire to make an impact was unmistakable, as he opened the scoring. His performance exhibited a perpetual energy, occasionally reaching a level of determination not seen in the previous year – a notion that had been teased by Allegri. The precision of DV9’s penalty kick was noteworthy, and the partnership between Cambiaso and Rabiot proved excellent. Speaking of the former Bologna player, he is already being recognized as an indispensable asset.

In the second half, leveraging their substantial lead, Juventus adopted a composed approach. The exchanges were intriguing, characterized by intelligent play rather than haste. A well-defined identity, a determination to dominate the game, and courage were all palpable. These are vital ingredients for a season of elevated quality.

Among Udinese’s lineup, Samardzic returned to the scene. Although he was recently linked with Inter, he now appears to be on Lazio’s radar. He demonstrated flashes of class, showcasing his crystalline talent. Lastly, Yildiz made his Serie A debut, marking yet another talent nurtured by Juventus.

UDINESE-JUVENTUS 0-1, 2′ CHIESA – Juventus swiftly broke the deadlock with an accurate strike from former Fiorentina player. Positioned at the edge of the box and assisted by Vlahovic, he shifted the ball onto his right foot, finding the bottom corner to the right of Silvestri.

UDINESE-JUVENTUS 0-2, 20′ VLAHOVIC – From the penalty spot, Juventus’ number 9 didn’t falter, calmly placing the ball into the bottom corner on the right side of the Emilian goalkeeper.

UDINESE-JUVENTUS 0-3, 48′ PT RABIOT – Chiesa accelerated on the left flank, delivering a pass to Cambiaso. The latter provided a gentle cross into the box, causing Silvestri to miscalculate. Rabiot capitalized on the opportunity with a close-range header into the net.


Goal Scorers: 2′ Chiesa, 20′ pen. Vlahovic, 48′ pt Rabiot

UDINESE (3-5-2) Silvestri 5.5; Kabasele 5, Bijol 5, Perez 4.5; Festy Ebosele 5 (57′ Ferreira 5.5), Zarraga 4.5 (46′ Samardzic 6.5), Walace 5, Lovric 5.5, Kamara 5 (46′ Zemura); Thauvin 6 (66′ Success 5.5), Beto 5 (75′ Lucca n.a.). Coach: Sottil.

JUVENTUS (3-5-2) Szczesny 7; Danilo 6.5, Bremer 6.5, Alex Sandro 6.5; Weah 6 (46′ McKennie 6), Miretti 6 (46′ Fagioli 6), Locatelli 6.5, Rabiot 7, Cambiaso 7.5 (70′ Iling Junior 6); Vlahovic 7.5 (84′ Yildiz n.a.), Chiesa 8 (77′ Milik n.a.). Coach: Allegri.

Referee: Rapuano

Yellow Cards: Kabasele (U), Alex Sandro, Danilo, Locatelli (J)

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