BREAKING NEWS: Luis Rubiales resigns from the presidency of the Spanish Federation

By Score More

Luis Rubiales has stepped down from his position as the president of the Spanish Federation.

The official released a statement announcing his decision, which comes after FIFA suspended him due to the controversy surrounding his involvement in the celebrations of the Women’s World Cup victory.

“Good evening,

Today, at 9:30 PM, I informed the Acting President, Mr. Pedro Rocha, of my resignation from the position of President of the RFEF (Spanish Football Federation). I also informed him that I have done the same with my position at UEFA so that my role as vice-president can be replaced.

After the swift suspension imposed by FIFA, along with the various ongoing proceedings against me, it is clear that I cannot return to my position. Insisting on waiting and enduring will not contribute to anything positive, neither for the Federation nor for Spanish football. Among other reasons, there are de facto powers that will prevent my return.

This is about the management of my team and, above all, the happiness I carry with me from the tremendous privilege of over 5 years at the helm of the RFEF.

I do not want Spanish football to be harmed by this disproportionate campaign, and, above all, I make this decision after being certain that my departure will contribute to the stability that will enable Europe and Africa to remain united in the dream of 2030, which will bring the world’s biggest event to our country.

I must look forward, toward the future. There is something that firmly occupies my mind now. I have faith in the truth, and I will do everything in my power to ensure it prevails. My daughters, my family, and the people who love me have suffered the effects of excessive persecution, as well as many falsehoods, but it is also true that in the streets, the truth prevails more each day. From here, I send a heartfelt greeting to all the workers, representatives, federations, and football enthusiasts in general, wishing them much happiness.

Thank you to all who supported me during these times.”

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