World Basketball: Germany becomes World Champion against Serbia

By Score More

Germany was crowned World Basketball Champion for the first time this Sunday by defeating Serbia in the final with a score of 83-77, played in the Philippines. Canada, as a reminder, earlier beat the USA and secured third place.

After a very balanced start to the game – it was tied 47-47 at halftime – Germany gained the upper hand, leading 69-57 at the end of the third quarter.

Germany had a lead of 71-59 at one point, but in the final stretch, Serbia mounted a comeback, closing in at 75-79 with 1 minute and 20 seconds left. The excitement intensified even more when the score reached 77-79. Then, Schroder of Germany (from the Toronto Raptors) stepped up, scoring with 21 seconds left to make it 81-77. Avramovic attempted a three-pointer for Serbia but missed, and Schroder sealed the victory by making two free throws after being fouled. It was a moment of celebration for Germany and disappointment for Serbia.

Schroder was the top scorer of the game with 28 points and was named the MVP of the tournament, ahead of Serbia’s Avramovic, who scored 21 points.

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