Manager Rudi Garcia Addresses Osimhen’s Commitment to Napoli Amidst Tensions

By Score More

Napoli manager Rudi Garcia has affirmed that Victor Osimhen remains committed to the club despite recent tensions and a peculiar social media incident. The Serie A club had posted a TikTok video that appeared to mock Osimhen by featuring a sped-up voiceover of his penalty miss from a recent match against Bologna. This video followed a perceived on-field disagreement between Osimhen and Garcia during the same game, where the Nigerian striker was seen berating the manager as he was substituted with just four minutes remaining in a goalless draw.

However, Osimhen returned to action and the scoresheet in Napoli’s subsequent match, a resounding 4-1 victory over Udinese. In the post-match discussion, the focus naturally shifted towards Osimhen’s future, with links to clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea, as well as his relationship with Garcia.

Garcia addressed the situation, saying, “In Bologna, we were all frustrated at not winning, and he was even more so after missing a penalty, so that can happen. We cleared the air, and it all went back to normal.” Garcia emphasized that recent incidents, including the TikTok video and Osimhen removing some of his social media content, were not meant to be hurtful, but rather instinctive reactions in the heat of the moment.

Garcia reassured fans that Osimhen’s commitment to Napoli remains strong, stating, “It is his social media account; he can do what he wants with it. All I can say is that he loves this jersey and will give everything for Napoli this season as well.” He also commended Osimhen’s performance, highlighting his goal and his role as the designated penalty taker in the recent match.

Garcia concluded by emphasizing his positive relationship with Osimhen, indicating that he has had a good rapport with the striker since his arrival. Despite recent challenges, Garcia expressed his satisfaction with Osimhen’s contributions and the striker’s determination to continue performing for Napoli.

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