Lewandowski scores fastest quintuple in history

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Robert Lewandowski scored the fastest quintuple in history in just nine minutes on September 22, 2015, against VfL Wolfsburg. He came on as a substitute in the 59th minute and scored five goals in the 60th, 61st, 67th, 69th, and 72nd minutes. This record is still unbroken today.

Lewandowski’s performance that day was truly remarkable. He showed his incredible goal-scoring ability and his clinical finishing. He also showed his great fitness and stamina, as he was able to keep scoring goals even though he had only been on the pitch for a short time.

Lewandowski’s quintuple is one of the most impressive individual performances in football history. It is a testament to his skill, talent, and determination.


  • “It was an unbelievable feeling,” Lewandowski said after the match. “I never thought I would be able to score five goals in such a short time. I’m just so happy to have helped my team win.”
  • “Lewandowski is a world-class striker,” said Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola. “He is one of the best goalscorers in the world, and he showed that again today.”
  • “Lewandowski’s quintuple was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen on a football pitch,” said Wolfsburg defender Naldo. “He was unstoppable.”


Lewandowski’s quintuple had a major impact on the world of football. It was all over the news and social media, and it was praised by fans and pundits alike. Lewandowski’s performance also helped to raise the profile of the Bundesliga, which is one of the top football leagues in the world.

Lewandowski’s quintuple is an inspiration to young footballers everywhere. It shows that anything is possible if you have the talent, determination, and hard work ethic.

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