Spanish Rider Carles Falcon in Induced Coma Following Dakar Rally Crash

January 9, 2024

By Score More Staff with Agencies

Spanish motorcyclist Carles Falcon is in an induced coma after a serious crash during the second stage of the Dakar Rally on Sunday. The incident occurred 15 kilometers short of the finish line on the 463-kilometer stage between Al Henakiyah and Al Duwadimi in Saudi Arabia.

Falcon, competing in the renowned Dakar Rally, received immediate assistance from a medical team that arrived via helicopter. The race director, David Castera, disclosed that Falcon did not have a pulse when the medical team reached him, but he was successfully resuscitated by the first doctor on the scene. Falcon is now en route to a hospital in Riyadh.

The Twintrail Racing Team, Falcon’s team, released a statement confirming his condition, stating, “He is in an induced coma and has a cerebral edema (brain swelling). The prospects for recovery are uncertain at this stage, and the rider is expected to remain in the hospital for at least a week in Riyadh.”

Further medical examinations revealed that Falcon has a fracture of the C2 vertebra that requires urgent surgery. The rider will be kept under sedation for the next few days to monitor the evolution of the head edema.

Race director Castera provided updates on Falcon’s condition, emphasizing the need to assess scans to understand the extent of the impact. He mentioned that Falcon’s head had sustained an impact, and medical professionals are examining the possibility of a fracture. While there are concerns about the severity of the head injury, Castera noted that Falcon does not have fluid build-up in the chest, and lung compression, although present, is not deemed serious.

Responding to inquiries about Falcon’s life being in danger, Castera advised waiting for further information after thorough examinations, emphasizing the importance of scrutinizing the head’s condition.

Amidst the Dakar Rally’s challenging stages, Nacho Cornejo leads the bike race after the second stage. However, the competition also faced setbacks, as two-time Dakar champion Sam Sunderland from Great Britain had to abandon the race on Monday due to a mechanical problem. The Dakar Rally, known as the world’s toughest race, continues to test competitors’ resilience and skills across the diverse terrains of Saudi Arabia. The motorsport community awaits updates on Carles Falcon’s condition and wishes him a swift and complete recovery.

Our thoughts are with Carles Falcon and his family during this challenging time, and we will provide further updates as information becomes available.

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