F1 2024 Car Launches: A Comprehensive Overview of Teams and Dates

By Score More Staff

As the 2024 Formula 1 season approaches, the anticipation builds not only on the tracks worldwide but also behind the scenes, setting the stage for the unveiling of the teams’ new cars. Despite losing some of its luster in recent years, car launches remain a significant moment in the lead-up to the championship. To keep you well-informed and ensure you don’t miss anything, score-more.com has compiled a special report detailing the complete schedule of car launches and the information already available about each team.

F1 2024 Car Launch Calendar:

  • Haas: February 2 (Digital)
  • Williams: February 5 (New York)
  • Stake (formerly Alfa Romeo/Sauber): February 5 (London)
  • Alpine: February 7
  • Visa Cash App RB (Red Bull): February 8 (Las Vegas)
  • Aston Martin: February 12 (Silverstone)
  • Ferrari: February 13 (Fiorano)
  • Mercedes: February 14 (Silverstone)
  • McLaren: February 14 (Car itself)
  • Red Bull: February 15

Insights into Teams:

Red Bull: The RB20 is anticipated to be more than just an iteration of the RB19. With key advancements expected, Red Bull aims to capitalize on halting the RB19’s development early last year to shift focus to the new model. As in previous years, Red Bull is likely to use an older car for the launch, reserving the revelation of the RB20 for the pre-season.

Mercedes: Scheduled for February 14, the W15 from Mercedes is a strategic move for the German marque. After two subpar years, Mercedes enters 2024 with a new car philosophy, seeking a resurgence after a 2023 marked by inconsistencies following the departure of the ‘zero-pod.’ Lewis Hamilton and George Russell continue with the team for another season.

Ferrari: Temporarily named 676, Ferrari will unveil its car on February 13 in Fiorano, featuring drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. With chassis homologation approved after passing the mandatory FIA crash test, the car is expected to undergo significant modifications compared to the SF-23, with team boss Frédéric Vasseur stating it will be “95% new.”

McLaren: In an unconventional move, McLaren revealed the livery of its 2024 car in January, aiming to maximize marketing potential. While the official name is yet to be confirmed, the car driven by Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri is expected to be an evolution of the ML60, a standout performer in the 2023 season, transforming from a Q1 elimination to a Red Bull challenger in the latter stages of the championship.

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