FC Porto Triumphs Over Benfica in Game 1 of Playoff Final

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In a thrilling encounter at home, FC Porto emerged victorious over Benfica with a 5-3 scoreline in the first game of the national roller hockey championship final, decided in overtime following a 2-2 deadlock in regular time.

The Dragons clinched the match thanks to goals from Rafa, who put the blue and whites ahead for the first time at the 57th minute mark and sealed the victory at the 59th minute. Earlier, Benfica had taken the lead through goals by Nil Roca (11th minute), Roberto di Benedetto (22nd minute), and Pablo Alvarez (53rd minute). Porto responded with goals from Carlo di Benedetto (21st and 54th minutes) and Gonçalo Alves (43rd minute) to level the score.

The reigning champions Benfica and FC Porto are now locked in a battle for the 25th championship title – both clubs having previously secured 24 titles each. The final series is scheduled as a best-of-five games, with the next encounter set to take place in Lisbon on Wednesday at 20:00 and returning to Porto on Sunday at 15:00.

Key Moments from the Game:

The match started with both teams showcasing their offensive prowess, resulting in an early lead for Benfica through Nil Roca’s precise strike in the 11th minute. However, FC Porto quickly responded with Carlo di Benedetto leveling the score just a minute later.

Benfica regained the lead in the 22nd minute courtesy of Roberto di Benedetto’s goal. Still, once again, Porto countered, this time with Gonçalo Alves finding the net in the 43rd minute to tie the game at 2-2 heading into the final period.

Both teams pushed hard for a decisive goal in a tense and closely contested final phase. It was FC Porto’s Rafa who stepped up, scoring twice in quick succession at crucial moments (57th and 59th minutes of regular time) to secure a vital home victory for the Dragons.

The intensity of the rivalry between these two Portuguese powerhouses promises an electrifying series ahead, with each team vying to add another prestigious trophy to their storied histories.

Match Statistics:

  • Goals: FC Porto 5-3 Benfica
  • Scorers:
    • FC Porto: Rafa (57′, 59′), Carlo di Benedetto (21′, 54′), Gonçalo Alves (43′)
    • Benfica: Nil Roca (11′), Roberto di Benedetto (22′), Pablo Alvarez (53′)

The roller hockey community awaits the next chapter in this captivating final showdown between FC Porto and Benfica.

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