Benfica Defeats FC Porto and Levels National Roller Hockey Championship Final

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Benfica, the defending champions, equalized the play-off final series of the national roller hockey championship today by defeating FC Porto 5-2 at home in the second encounter.

Following their 5-3 defeat in Porto, which included extra time, Carlos Nicolía was instrumental with goals in the 10th, 16th, and 33rd minutes, the latter two from penalty shots. Gonçalo Pinto added another goal in the 40th minute, and Zé Miranda sealed the victory with a goal in the 44th minute for the ‘reds’. Carlo Di Benedetto scored early for FC Porto in the 4th minute, and Telmo Pinto added another goal in the 38th minute.

The final match, featuring two teams vying for their 25th national title, continues on Sunday at 15:00 at the Dragão Arena, the venue for the decisive third game. The series will return to Luz, Benfica’s home ground, for the fourth encounter on June 26. If necessary, the fifth and final match will be held on June 30 in Porto.

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