Our Collaborators

At Score More Sports, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our success and innovation in sports coverage are made possible through the dedicated efforts of our valued collaborators. We are proud to introduce the talented individuals and organizations who contribute to our mission of providing comprehensive and insightful sports content across a diverse range of disciplines.

Collaborator Profile: Maria Santos

  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Role: Sports Analyst, Content Strategist, and Spanish Language Expert


Meet Maria Santos, a dynamic collaborator at Score More Sports specializing in sports analysis and content strategy. Based in Madrid, Maria brings a wealth of expertise to our team, particularly in the realm of sports journalism and strategic content development. Her proficiency in the Spanish language enriches our platform’s accessibility and reach across Spanish-speaking audiences.

Contributions to Our Site:

  • Sports Analysis: Maria’s keen insights into various sports, including football, tennis, and basketball, elevate our coverage with in-depth match analyses, player profiles, and strategic breakdowns.
  • Content Strategy: Maria plays a pivotal role in shaping our content strategy, ensuring a balanced mix of trending topics, historical retrospectives, and forward-looking insights.
  • Spanish Language Expertise: As a fluent Spanish speaker, Maria contributes to translating and localizing content, making our platform more inclusive and engaging for Spanish-speaking readers.

Maria Santos’ expertise in sports analysis and content strategy enhances the depth and breadth of our sports coverage, fostering a deeper connection with our diverse audience base.

Collaborator Profile: Tomoki Tanaka

  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Role: Motorsports Specialist, Technical Writer, and Japanese Language Consultant


Introducing Tomoki Tanaka, our motorsports expert and technical writer based in Tokyo, Japan. Tomoki brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for motorsports, coupled with a talent for translating complex technical concepts into accessible content. His fluency in Japanese enhances our platform’s ability to cater to Japanese-speaking enthusiasts.

Contributions to Our Site:

  • Motorsports Coverage: Tomoki’s passion for motorsports shines through in his comprehensive coverage of Formula 1, Super GT, and endurance racing. His articles provide detailed race analyses, driver profiles, and behind-the-scenes insights.
  • Technical Expertise: As a technical writer, Tomoki demystifies engineering aspects of motorsports, explaining aerodynamics, engine technology, and vehicle dynamics engagingly.
  • Japanese Language Consultant: Tomoki assists in translating and adapting content for our Japanese audience, ensuring that our platform resonates with motorsports enthusiasts in Japan.

Tomoki Tanaka’s dedication to motorsports and technical proficiency enriches our platform, offering readers a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of racing and automotive engineering.

Collaborator Profile: Elena Rossi

  • Location: Rome, Italy
  • Role: Tennis Correspondent, Historical Researcher, and Italian Language Specialist


Meet Elena Rossi, our accomplished tennis correspondent and historical researcher based in Rome, Italy. Elena’s passion for tennis, combined with her expertise in historical research and the Italian language, enriches our coverage with captivating stories and insightful analysis.

Contributions to Our Site:

  • Tennis Reporting: Elena provides up-to-date coverage of ATP and WTA events, delivering match previews, player interviews, and tournament highlights.
  • Historical Research: Elena’s research dives into the rich history of tennis, offering retrospectives on iconic matches, legendary players, and pivotal moments in the sport’s evolution.
  • Italian Language Specialist: Elena’s linguistic skills ensure that our Italian-speaking audience enjoys tailored content that resonates with their passion for tennis and sports.

Elena Rossi’s commitment to tennis journalism and historical exploration adds depth and authenticity to our coverage, captivating readers with compelling narratives from the world of tennis.

Collaborator Profile: Miguel Hernandez

  • Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Role: Football Analyst, Video Content Producer, and Latin American Sports Expert


Introducing Miguel Hernandez, our versatile football analyst and video content producer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Miguel’s profound knowledge of football in Latin America, coupled with his multimedia skills, enhances our platform’s coverage of the world’s most popular sport.

Contributions to Our Site:

  • Football Analysis: Miguel provides tactical breakdowns, transfer insights, and match reviews covering top leagues such as La Liga, Premier League, and Copa Libertadores.
  • Video Content Production: Miguel produces engaging video content, including highlights, player features, and documentary-style pieces that bring football stories to life.
  • Latin American Sports Expertise: Miguel’s expertise in Latin American sports culture adds a unique perspective to our coverage, celebrating the passion and heritage of football in the region.

Miguel Hernandez’s dedication to football analysis and multimedia storytelling enriches our platform, engaging football fans with captivating content and insightful perspectives.

Collaborator Profile: Emma Chen

  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Role: Cricket Specialist, Data Analyst, and Content Editor


Meet Emma Chen, our cricket specialist and data analyst based in Melbourne, Australia. Emma’s deep understanding of cricket statistics and game dynamics, coupled with her editorial acumen, enhances our platform’s coverage of this beloved sport.

Contributions to Our Site:

  • Cricket Analysis: Emma offers statistical insights, player performance reviews, and match predictions across various cricket formats, including Test, ODI, and T20.
  • Data Analytics: Emma leverages data to uncover trends and patterns in cricket, providing informed commentary on player strategies, team dynamics, and match outcomes.
  • Content Editing: Emma ensures editorial quality and accuracy in our cricket coverage, refining articles to resonate with cricket enthusiasts around the globe.

Emma Chen’s expertise in cricket analysis and data-driven storytelling elevates our platform, offering readers a deeper appreciation for the nuances of the sport and its players.

These talented collaborators represent the diverse expertise and passion that enriches our sports coverage at Score More Sports. Their dedication to delivering engaging content, backed by deep knowledge and unique perspectives, enhances our platform’s mission of providing comprehensive and insightful sports journalism to audiences worldwide. We are immensely grateful for their contributions and look forward to continuing our collaborative journey in the exciting world of sports.