Serie A 2023/2024 Portal

The 2023–24 Serie A (known as the Serie A TIM for sponsorship reasons) is the 122nd season of top-tier Italian football, the 92nd in a round-robin tournament, and the 14th since its organization under an own league committee, the Lega Serie A. Napoli are the defending champions.

1Inter, ItalyInter33008:089
2AC Milan, ItalyAC Milan33008:269
3Juventus, ItalyJuventus32106:157
4US Lecce, ItalyUS Lecce32106:337
5Atalanta, ItalyAtalanta32016:246
6SSC Napoli, ItalySSC Napoli32016:336
7Hellas Verona, ItalyHellas Verona32014:406
8ACF Fiorentina, ItalyACF Fiorentina31116:7-14
9Bologna FC, ItalyBologna FC31113:4-14
 Frosinone Calcio, ItalyFrosinone Calcio31113:4-14
11Torino FC, ItalyTorino FC31112:4-24
12Lazio Roma, ItalyLazio Roma31023:4-13
13Sassuolo Calcio, ItalySassuolo Calcio31023:5-23
14AC Monza, ItalyAC Monza31022:5-33
 Genoa CFC, ItalyGenoa CFC31022:5-33
16US Salernitana 1919, ItalyUS Salernitana 191930213:5-22
17Udinese Calcio, ItalyUdinese Calcio30211:4-32
18AS Roma, ItalyAS Roma30124:6-21
19Cagliari Calcio, ItalyCagliari Calcio30121:4-31
20Empoli FC, ItalyEmpoli FC30030:5-50
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